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The system is not working for you

Reading based Psychologist Dr David Purves states that the NHS mental health services are not working for you.

It’s obvious that the system is not working.

When something isn’t working and you can see why it very hard to remain quiet. Especially on World Mental Health Day.

The headline: Mental Health in the UK is getting worse.

Let’s look at first things first. What is the system to which I refer? It is the NHS mental health treatment system. The one that we all give responsibility to for looking after our mental health problems. And it’s the GP’s who prescribe antidepressants, anxiolytics and sleeping pills. Then of course, it’s the lack of treatment when you’re anxious, depressed or stressed. Its the system that makes you wait months to get help.

Different standards for mental health

If you break a leg and you can’t work you expect urgent and effective care to fix the problem. If you can’t work because you’re depressed, anxious or stressed you will have to wait months to get effective treatment. How can that be right? Your mental well-being is the most important thing you have control over; (yes you do).

Go see your doctor

No one wants to be offered an antidepressant and no one wants to have to take them. But that’s what’s on offer. And there has been a steep increasing in prescribing of these drugs over the past decade.

Go see an NHS therapist

Despite pouring tens of millions into training more therapists it’s still hard to see one. Very hard.

So how do I know the system isn’t working? Because poor mental health is increasing. Despite the (up to now) best efforts of the government. The levels of depression and anxiety are overall getting worse with Women experiencing the largest decrease in well-being.

Take control yourself

If you struggle with depression, anxiety or stress take control over it. Don’t simply wait for the NHS to get around to you. I have heard many stories of lack of access that make me want to shake my head in disbelief.

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 Take control today. 

Start now and get help.