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The important role of balance for your well-being

The role of balance in life

Balance in life

Reading based Psychologist Dr David Purves considers that it is critical in many things to have balance. All psychological problems have an element of imbalance in them.

Every human being faces the one struggle it is truly important to engage with. This is the struggle to maintain some balance between your experience of the external world and you internal world. Failure to maintain balance has a role in every single psychological problem and also in many physical problems. So please watch this video, at the end I give three ways to help maintain or recover balance.

Good mental health is not an accident. It results from some thoughtful decisions about how to live, how to react to things and how to change things that are not working for you. It does not require nearly as much effort as, lets say, eating healthily, or taking appropriate exercise. It simply requires a state of mind of curiosity and awareness. A recognition of things going well or things not going well.

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