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One of those big questions

One of those big questions


Reading Psychologist Dr David Purves on the Anne Diamond show talking about the Panic Pit Stop app

Well last week the Government released data from a national survey that is repeated every 7 years; their headline message was, that the mental health of women is getting worse and remaining largely stable for men. Overall one in six of the population have a common mental health problem like anxiety and depression.

If things are getting worse then we have to consider that a large factor is the life we lead in the society in which we live. Our genetics are not changing that fast. But mental wellness has decreased for women over the past 7 years. To me that seems like a serious and urgent problem. But like all mental health issues it makes a headline and is then consigned to the not new news folder.

Well here is my news. Things do not have to be this way!

The government has poured money and resources into training more cognitive behaviour therapists and yet the problem of poor mental health is getting worse. So that is not helping. Just to reiterate, the problem is not staying the same, it is getting worse since they started training therapists. The talking therapies initiative has not reversed or even held this trend.

If we leave one of the most important aspects your life to be managed by the government then we will continue to have the situation we have now. Mental health will get worse. That’s the clear trend, so why would it change. Funding is cut, experience lost and the patient left to suffer the consequences.

I can’t change society, I don’t have the power or the energy, to be frank. But I can show you how to take yourself out of the slide into further misery. In fact I will go so far as to say I can show you the way to have good mental health.

If you’re interested to learn more about that journey then click here.