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CBT therapy Berkshire – How can CBT therapy help me?

What can you expect from CBT therapy? Well therapy of any type is there to help you deal with distress and issues you’ve been unable to overcome on your own.

CBT Therapy Berkshire

If you’re suffering from mental disorders such as depression, anxiety or stress then CBT therapy can help you to overcome them.

I am a CBT therapist based in Reading, Berkshire. If you come along to my clinic I will work with you to challenge and change the thinking and behaviour that is leading to unhelpful results in your life such as depression, anxiety and stress.

Visiting Dr Purves, CBT Therapist Reading, Berkshire

Depression, anxiety and stress can occur as the result of many problems which might arise in your life. How you interpret these problems determines how much they will affect you.

CBT Therapy Berkshire

Rest assured that therapy is confidential and sessions will be private and undisturbed. When you come in to my office we’ll have a chat about what’s been going on in your life. This will cover some of the following: your feelings, things which have happened, relationships, thinking and behaviour. I’ll look at what you tell me and help identify the real problem and its consequences. Then we’ll talk through the psychological explanations for what you’re experiencing.

The benefit of this is that you will then gain an understanding of why things are happening. When we’ve established why things are happening we’ll use CBT therapy to help you to think about your experiences differently.

Therapy will help you to develop your problem solving skills so that you feel more able to deal with what life throws at you. It will help you to ensure that problems remain speed bumps in the road rather than great big brick walls which bring you to a stop.

Through therapy your anxiety, depression or stress will decrease until they finally disappear. You’ll feel more in control of the direction your life is taking.

What you need to remember is that therapy is about taking one small step at a time but you’ll be surprised at how much you can uncover in just one hour of therapy.

I hope this has clarified what you can expect from a session with me and CBT therapy in general. If you have any further questions I’d be pleased to answer them so don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Berkshire Psychology Service, Regus, 200 Brook Drive, Green Park, Reading, Berkshire, RG2 6UB, UK

Tel: 07801289787

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